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Conductor Rig

Our main conductor rig is a 2016 Soilmec SR-30.

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200 Series

Our 200 Series rigs are Gefco 200k drilling rigs. These rigs are ideal for surface holes, but are also capable of shallow vertical wells.

Equipment Lists:

Rig #7

Rig #41

Rig #88

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300 Series

Our 300 series rigs are Xtreme XDR 300's. These rigs can do anything from surface holes to shallow horizontal wells.

Equipment Lists:

Rig X-11

Rig X-15


500 Series

Our sole 500 series rig is a 2013 Schramm T500XD. This rig is capable of everything up to 20,000' horizontal wells, and includes a 7,500 psi mud system.

Equipment List:

Rig #18