Bringing Back Turnkey


Preset Surface Casing


Cartel Drilling got it's start setting conductors and presetting surface casing at a turnkey price. What has always set us apart is our focus on performance; all of our rigs are equipped in a manner that allows us to match drilling parameters of big rigs in the market today, yet save the Operator days and big money on rig moves. 

Surface/Intermediate Packages


Whether you're just wanting to drill more wells with less rigs, have a fixed cost for big portion of your well, or eliminate the time and cost associated with swapping from WBM to OBM, we can present your surface and intermediate casing in package at a price that will force you to consider. 

Entire Oil and Gas Wells


The experience of our team gives us the confidence to be able to offer turnkey pricing for entire oil and gas wells, both vertical and horizontal. Imagine eliminating the risk of your capital, being able to know your well cost before it is even spud, and getting all of this at a price below industry average. 

The passion behind Cartel is to continually improve this industry with constant increased efficiency by utilizing knowledge, technology, and most importantly hard work. 

Operating Areas

DJ Basin

Powder River Basin

Midland Basin

Delaware Basin