• 3 Year TRIR: 0.94

  • Members of ISNetworld and PEC

  • Safeland certified employees

Cartel Drilling LLC is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees and third party involved in our drilling operations. All Cartel employees will establish a workplace to protect not only ourselves and the people around us, but the environment as well. Cartel employees will be given the training and equipment to recognize and mitigate hazards that are found in our workplace. Cartel employees are required to accept the responsibility of ensuring a safe workplace while protecting the environment. If at any time during operations unsafe acts or conditions are noticed that could affect employee or environmental safety, stop work authority is to be used until the situation can be rectified.

Cartel Drilling will have the responsibility to ensure that employees are given the tools and training they need to complete the jobs safely and effectively. All incidents are reported to Cartel Drilling management so that an effective investigation, and corrective action process can be used to identify and correct all issues regarding health, safety, and environmental concerns during operations.